• We are proudly independent.

    We are proudly independent.

    We are proudly independent and do not have monetary targets or a bonus structure so you can be assured that we are here to help you and your pet. The practice is run by David Warnes who is there on a day to day basis working first hand with pets in the local area.

• We are a family owned and run Small Animal Practice in West Swindon offering a friendly, caring service for pets and their owners. With the aid of modern, well-equipped premises and experienced staff we aim to provide the highest standards of veterinary care for cats, dogs, rabbits, guinea pigs and other small furry pets. 

• We are proudly independent and do not have monetary targets or a bonus structure so you can be assured that we are here to give the best service for you and your pet. The practice is run by David Warnes who is in the practice on a day to day basis working first hand with your pets. 

  • Free kitten and puppy checks. So we can make sure your new family member is fit and well.
  • Free check ups for new patients. So we can meet each other and get to know you and your pet.
  • Free Puppy Parties 
  • Free adolescent puppy and kitten checks by our qualified Registered Veterinary Nurses
  • Free obesity and dental checks
  • All puppies and kittens are invited to a free 6 month health check with one of our qualified Veterinary Nurses
  • Practice Care Plan to help you to budget for routine veterinary care.


Vaccination. We strongly believe that decisions regarding timing of vaccination and use of particular vaccines in individual animals should be made in discussion with clients and based on a thorough risk/ benefit assessment. We offer titre testing in-house to check if your pets require yearly vaccinations.

• 15 minute consults at no extra charge We would like to give you extra time to talk to us. You know your pets better than anybody. We want to do the best for your pets and the information you give us is vital. Together as a team we will discuss the best treatment for your pet. If you feel you would like more time with us please ask for an extended consult lasting 15 minutes 


cfc• We understand that bringing your cat to the vet can be a difficult experience for both you and your pet. Our practice is a certified Silver member of the voluntary ISFM Cat Friendly Clinic scheme indicating that we have introduced measures to make veterinary visits less stressful for your cat. We have a separate cat area in the Waiting room and a separate Cattery to ensure cats will be less stressed whilst waiting for an appointment or surgery. We also use the pheromone  Feliway in these areas to help cats cope better in stressful situations.

Two small kittens

• Here at Shaw Veterinary Centre we are very interested in Pet behaviour. We understand that having a well-behaved pet that fits easily into your life-style is the foundation for a  long, happy relationship. We want both you and your pet to enjoy visits to our veterinary surgery. We also recognise that changes in your pet’s behaviour can be early indicators of a number of different medical problems, so monitoring your pet’s behaviour can also help us to monitor their health.
 We strongly support the idea of pet insurance. Pet insurance mainly provides cover for veterinary fees if your pet is injured or becomes ill. This can give  you peace of mind that you are in a position to afford all veterinary care that your pet may need. We offer the option to do  Direct Insurance claims  to reputable companies. This will greatly help your finances as you will only have to pay us the excess amount for each claim and we will  claim back the rest from your insurance company direct. We offer 4 weeks free insurance from Pet plan cover to all puppies, kittens and rabbits registered with our practice (as long as they are under a year of age).


 Neutering Dogs: there are both behaviour- and health-related risks and benefits associated with neutering versus leaving animals entire, and also with neutering before puberty versus neutering after puberty/once animals are physically mature. These risks and benefits vary according to the breed and size of the dog, their behaviour and temperament and also the environment and circumstances in which they are living. Because of this we do not have a blanket neutering policy for dogs in our practice. Instead we will discuss this with you so that we can make the most appropriate decision to suit both you and your dog