Free Checkups For New Patients

So we can meet each other and get to know you and your pet.

Free kitten and puppy checks

So we can make sure your new family member is fit and well.

Free Puppy Parties

Socialise, play and meet new friends.

Free Obesity & Dental Checks

Keeping your pet in the best shape possible.

£10 Off Blood Pressure Measurement During March

See Special Offers for Details

Special Offer: £10 off Blood Pressure Check for Cats

Just like humans, animals can suffer from high blood pressure (Hypertension).

By the time your pet is showing any signs of illness it is very likely that significant damage has been done.

Cats are most likely to suffer from this silent disease which is often secondary to Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) and Hyperthyroidism (an overactive thyroid gland)

Persistently high blood pressure will damage the brain, kidney, eyes and the heart

We want to do our best to find cats with High Blood Pressure and treat them before they develop any serious disease.

We can measure blood pressure in a similar way that a Doctor will measure yours. We have the newest version of a Doppler Blood Pressure Monitor.

Book a 20 minute appointment with a nurse and throughout the month of March and we will give you £10 off our usual fee and you will only have to pay £24.90




Thank you so much for looking after my boy yesterday, Sid is the staff/boxer cross with the stick lodged in the roof of his mouth. I really appreciate both the speed and level of care you offered, which helped calm mummy as well as Sid!! 

Thanks again, couldn’t recommend your team enough!

Mrs Howell and her dog Sid


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