Free Checkups For New Patients

So we can meet each other and get to know you and your pet.

Free kitten and puppy checks

So we can make sure your new family member is fit and well.

Free Puppy Parties

Socialise, play and meet new friends.

Free Obesity & Dental Checks

Keeping your pet in the best shape possible.

£10 Off Blood Pressure Measurement During March

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Pet Care Plan

Our Pet Care Plan allows you to spread the cost of caring for your pet throughout the year. It covers your pet for all their basic health care needs including preventative and expert advice, giving you complete peace of mind for your pet’s well being.
The Plan guarantees your pet regular health check-ups, where we’ll dispense advice where it’s needed, along with support and treatment to reduce the chance of problems arising in the future
The cost of maintaining the health of your pet is then divided throughout the year into monthly Direct Debit instalments.
You will also qualify for additional discounts on other items and services throughout the practice.

We will remind you to make the necessary appointments with your vet and to collect any flea and worm treatment required.

What does the plan include?

  • Health check and annual vaccination
  • Six month health check
  • A year’s supply of flea control
  • A years supply of worming control
  • Microchip
  • PCP SeniorDog or cat blood screen
  • PCP Senior dog or cat urine screen
  • 2 nail clips
  • Plus 10% off Neutering, Dentals, Dog & Cat food, Rabies vaccine
  • and 10% off Kennel Cough Vaccine & waiting room sales


Animal Cost per month Approx. Saving per year
Small Dog <10Kg £15.00 £94.00
Medium Dog 10-25kg £16.50 £94.00
Large Dog 25-40kg £18.50 £98.00
Giant Dog >40kg £27.50 £140.00
Cat £15.00 £107.00
Rabbit £7.50 £36.00

Thank you so much for looking after my boy yesterday, Sid is the staff/boxer cross with the stick lodged in the roof of his mouth. I really appreciate both the speed and level of care you offered, which helped calm mummy as well as Sid!! 

Thanks again, couldn’t recommend your team enough!

Mrs Howell and her dog Sid


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